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27 Kitchen Lighting Tips

“Super-Designer to the best homes in New York, Diana Weinstein loves to break rules…”

Light Differently – Don’t be afraid to break the rules. After all, we are just offering rules-of-thumb and our guidelines can be bent or broken to fit your personal need. Think outside the box if it fits your lifestyle.

“Personally I LOVE to use lights that are not necessarily “kitchen specific” in the kitchen. I make sure that they function and provide appropriate task light, but as a designer I love to do something that is unusual and different. The right light can take a simple plain kitchen and elevate it to something that looks “designer” and different. I often do the unexpected. I may do two small lights over a rectangular table and one large one over the island depending on the scale which is not the usual, 2 small over the island and one large over dining area. Just about putting my own twist on a space and I LOVE using lighting to do so. I also love to mix finishes on lighting in kitchens. I love to play with proportion and often do large oversized lighting and make the lighting the design feature.”