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"What's Trending In Home Design"

From the Original Article:

  • Clustered Light FixturesWith all the dark woodwork in the coffered living room ceiling, Weinstein needed to think literally outside the box. “We needed to get a lot of light in the room, and three lights are better than one,” she says of the plan, which updates the look of the old house.
  • Conversation AreasThe banquettes and coffee tables, swivel chairs and ottomans that can be sat upon create circles of intimacy in a large room.
  • Elements of FunAs seen in the velvet splatter paint chairs.
  • Painted BookshelvesThe aqua ties into the pillows, “grounded by the heavy, traditional chocolate sofas,” says Weinstein.
  • Grass ClothThe walls extending from the bookshelves are covered with the textured material, giving the room a cozier, more intimate feel.
  • Treating the Ceiling Fan like a Fifth WallIn this case, with metallic paint (gold, a popular color choice).
  • Sisal as a Floor CoverThe natural fiber makes the room feel younger and more casual.
  • Patterned Wallpaper“Wallpaper is huge again,” Weinstein says. “I’m wallpapering everything like crazy.”